Hello. I'm trying to find more PS4 owners to befriend so we can game together. More specifically Destiny which is coming out in a few weeks so with that being said I was wondering if you could promote me to like minded people. My gamer ID on PSN is: IMAGINATIONISKEY. Just like that. No spaces. All caps. Thank you ahead of time.
23.Aug.14 3 weeks ago

I’m making the switch

Preordered my PS4 Destiny Bundle. CANT WAIT. Also Preordered

  • Call of Duty: AW
  • WWE 2K15
  • AC 5
19.Aug.14 4 weeks ago
19.Aug.14 4 weeks ago


So I am super prepared for Destiny :3 I just bought the Digital Guardian on PSN today


Still can’t decide if I want to go as a hunter or a titan 

What do I do….


19.Aug.14 4 weeks ago

Gonna need some members for my fireteam for Destiny. I’m on psn docots1215. ADD ME and until Destiny releases I play GTAO,Battlefield 4 and alot of other things. SO add me and lets PLAY GATDAMNIT!!

19.Aug.14 4 weeks ago

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a ps4 combo for some time now. Should I? Or would it be better to wait until Black Friday or a slim is released?

19.Aug.14 1 month ago
18.Aug.14 1 month ago
feel free to add me on the PSN, "eelyme" - wanna find people to play zombies (COD world at war) thanksss!
17.Aug.14 1 month ago