If anyone wants to be friends on PSN let me know!

31.Jul.14 3 hours ago



Hey guys! So I’m gonna be preordering Destiny soon for PS3, and was just wondering if anyone who is also getting it for PS3 would like to add me on PSN? My username is SpudEnthusiast. Add me and try to get this around so maybe a group of us can play!

31.Jul.14 3 hours ago
PSN: jtmartin12 Mostly play: Minecraft & GTA Online
31.Jul.14 18 hours ago
31.Jul.14 18 hours ago

I need more folks on psn


Spannathegreat I’m on the ps4 I need some gaming buddies

31.Jul.14 18 hours ago


((My PSN ID is: Dogboy2709. Feel free to add me. just tell me your url in the message.))

31.Jul.14 18 hours ago


Any of my followers got xbox 360 or Ps3?

Wanna play?

Xbox- DatChickVeezy22, PSN- MizzVargas22

Add me lets play!!

31.Jul.14 18 hours ago

Add me on PSN!


I got a Playstation 3 on July 20th, and I totally forgot about PSN until now. My user is Rissa__ (2 underscores). It would be pretty rad to have tumblr friends as psn friends as well c’:

31.Jul.14 18 hours ago


Time to play The Last of Us Remastered
Add me: Anchors19

31.Jul.14 18 hours ago